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How to Easily Install Your Own Crown Molding
Save Thousands of Dollars in the Process!

Crown Molding has long been the ultimate measure of a finish carpenters skill.

With compound angles it is fairly easy to get mixed up and many a tradesman has had little to show for his labors at the end of his first attempt at crown molding save a pile sawdust and little bits of molding riddled with nails.

Luckily it does not have to be that way.

My new ebook is one of the most detailed, accurate and thorough accounts of every aspect of crown molding installation on the market.

In it you will learn to everything it takes to install crown molding like a pro, from saving money at purchase through to a final beautiful crown molded room.

Check out what’s inside!

Why do you need this book?

You can and will spend thousands of dollars and many frustrating days trying to install crown molding without expert guidance.

There are other websites selling this information for $20 and up, but I am practically giving my ebook away for $12.99

That’s right, this book that will save you from losing thousands of dollars and days of your life costs only $12.99

And guess what else? When you buy my new ebook, you’ll also get extra bonus material including:

    * crown molding painting guide
    * crown molding angle chart
    * baseboard installation tips

and you’ll get them all FREE!

This bonus material alone is worth more than the whole book!

It’s a ridiculous low price, I know! And I wouldn’t wait too long to buy it, because I the price is going to go up soon!

Buy it today, and I will send you a link to download a complimentary copy of my new ebook “Guide to Interior Door Installation” as soon as it is finished!

You have nothing to lose! I promise if you feel once you’ve bought the book that it wasn’t worth the price of three Cinnamon Dolce’ Latte drinks, I will promptly refund every penny! No questions asked!

So buy the book today! You won’t regret it!


Adam Fowler

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