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Easy Crown Molding Kit

Install is a breeze with an easy crown molding kit!
You can save time and money!

These kits require no prior knowledge and very little skill to install. Keep in mind though, these don’t have the same look as true crown molding, as the pre-fabricated corners are quite obvious. They are as follows:

Peel and stick crown molding: Just like it says. You must have smooth walls for this, and though I have not tried it, I wonder how long it will stick!

Polyurethane crown molding: A high density foam. Usually comes pre-primed. Paints up nicely. Impervious to rot, insect damage, chipping, cracking, and splitting.

Styrofoam polystyrene crown molding: These typically cost less than wood crown moldings and polyurethane moldings. Attaches with liquid nail or similar construction adhesive. Comes pre-primered or raw.

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