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Attaching Crown Molding

The final part of crown molding installation
is attaching crown molding.

Welcome! By now you should have read Cut Crown Moulding… If you haven’t, click on the link above and read the instructions all the way through. It will take you step by step from planning your installation to finally after measuring and cutting it takes you through installing, prepping and painting. It really is pretty easy, especially if you take your time.

The final part of the install, Attaching Crown Moulding, is available in my book. You will find it easier to follow than here on the site too, because it is heavily illustrated with photos and diagrams each step of the way…

Download my book to learn all the nuances of attaching crown molding.

Now, I must say if you are reading this then chances are you are probably smarter than me. I learned all of this the hard way, and now I am sharing with you all that I know. In my book you can get these directions along with many more tips for installing crown molding for FREE for a limited time! Get it here.

The book contains knowledge that you will not find gathered together in such an easy to follow, concise and entertaining format anywhere else on the web! So if you like what you have found here and want to use it as a guide while you are working, download it in PDF. Remember, with some practice it only gets easier!

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