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Cedar Closets

Where to buy cedar closets and how to install a cedar lined closet.

A dark and musty master bedroom closet is transformed into an aromatic oasis for your senses almost magically for just a few hundred dollars using Cedar planks to line the walls.

I have done a three of these projects, and I remember thinking I wouldn’t mind lining all of my walls with it. Of course I haven’t lined every wall in my house, but I do have cedar in my own closet now…Cedar really makes your clothes smell wonderful!

Cedar keeps your clothes like new for decades by naturally repelling moths, roaches, silverfish and mildew. No more mothballs.

Cedar Closet Installation:

Before installing cedar planks, you should let them acclimate for 24 hours prior to installation. To do this, remove the planks from the package and put them in the closet where they will be installed. All wood expands and contracts when the moisture content of the air changes.

This crucial step helps prevent warping or gaps after the cedar closet is completed.

Step 1: Measure each surface you will cover to find square footage needed. Measure the width and height of each closet wall. Purchase your cedar planks, allowing five percent for waste.

Step 2: Lay out the planks in the order in which they will be installed. Stagger the different lengths for a random appearance. and set aside a few pieces to fill in gaps.

Step 3: Remove all shelving and brackets from the closet. Find studs using a stud finder and mark each stud to indicate where nails are to be driven. Studs are usually 16″ apart.

Step 4: The first piece. Place the grooved edge against the floor, beginning in a bottom corner of the room and be sure your first row is level before you nail it off.

Step 5: Nail at the stud mark directly through the face of the plank, using 1-1/2″ nails. In older homes with plaster and lath, use 2″ nails.

Step 6: Using liquid nails or similar adhesive, apply a dab at each stud. Make sure to ventilate the room with a fan and/or wear a respirator. This step is not absolutely necessary, but it will ensure the planks in your cedar closet don’t come off the wall. To finish each row, cut the last piece to fit.

Step 7: Once the first row is in place across the entire length of the wall, you can start the next. Use the remainder of the last piece to start the next row. Continue up toward the ceiling as far as you can go. Complete one wall before starting the next.

Step 8:Repeat this process for each wall, being sure to level your first row. After installing all of your cedar close planks, you can now finish your closet shelves…

Cedar closets need shelves! Click here for installation guides.

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