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how to install crown molding

Get started in the right direction.
This Crown Molding How To Guide will save you from a massive headache!

Hello and welcome! If you are just in the beginning stages and this is your first time, then let me reassure you. Learning how to install crown molding is not as hard as it looks.

This crown molding how to guide is well worth reading. Your time is valuable! Crown Molding is expensive! This guide will teach you how to measure, cut, install and paint crown molding and it will save you thousands of dollars.

In the end, you will have a beautiful room to proud of, and without acquiring a massive headache!

If after reading this, you feel you would like a more detailed map to follow, please check out my new how-to guide: Easy Crown Molding Installation!

During your first evaluation of the room, you need to check for obstacles and crazy transitions and be confident that this is a crownable room.

Now you need to decide with certainty which crown molding you are going to use. Can you go bigger? Should you go smaller?

How fancy the crown molding? How simple? Some things to consider:

  • Your room may look “top heavy” if the crown molding is much larger than your baseboard. The measurement from ceiling to bottom of crown should not be much more than the total height of your base board.
  • Large crown makes a room feel smaller. Just be aware of that. In general most people find a 5 1/4 inch crown molding to be about right for a room with an 8 foot ceiling, and a 4 1/2 inch crown molding or smaller for a room with a 7 foot ceiling.
  • Fancy or simple? You will know it when you see it on the ceiling. Buy 12 inch crown molding samples of the ones you like best and have your spouse or relatively tall child hold them up one by one for you to see. This is an important step. You will be glad you did it.

    Ultimately it is your own style that should be the deciding factor. But take your time and choose the right crown molding for you.

    You can also get a better perspective if you put all the pieces up on the ceiling at once. Just use some double sided tape and put them up one right next to the other.

    By the way,This site aims to serve.
    So if you feel that following this crown molding how to is less than easy, please let me know!

    Note: Kelleher makes a kit filled with molding profiles specifically for crown molding salesmen. I used to buy so much crown molding from my supplier that they gave me one. You may be able to coerce your salesman at the local custom millwork supplier to let you borrow a few samples. Just ask. You may be surprised!

    Can’t find the perfect crown molding? You can get maple crown molding, cherry crown molding, walnut crown molding, oak crown molding…Almost any species, and in just about any profile you choose. Just search for a custom shop near you.

    A great resource for finding a supplier, manufacturer or installer is Reliable Remodeler Just put in your zip code and presto! Some of these guys do not bother to list in the yellow pages or do not have websites, but many do.

    Also, many millwork supply places deal primarily with contractors that buy crown molding in volume so make sure you mention how much you are looking buy and don’t be afraid to haggle. If you ask you may just save ten to fifteen percent!

    tape measureHow to know how much crown molding to buy:

    1st: Get a pad of paper and measure each and every wall section that will eventually get crown molding. Measure every section short and long separately. Be sure to measure only in inches. If a wall is 4 ft long you would write down 48 inches.

    wall mounted crown molding shelf

    2nd: Now total the numbers up and multiply by 1.15 (fifteen percent for waste will allow for a few cutting mistakes.) You can multiply by 1.1 if you don’t screw up to often. I always go with 1.15 and use the extra material to make crown molding shelves.

    Take that number and divide by 12. That is you how much you need to buy. I usually round up to the nearest whole 16 ft piece because they are usually sold that way at Home Depot and Lowes but you can leave off what you don’t need.

    Now you need to decide on paint or stain…

    If you choose Stain Grade Crown Molding…

    Stained crown molding

    To match a stain on your cabinets, hire a pro. It is not worth the headache and it takes a while to learn how to do it properly. It is also possible that you will destroy that expensive crown you just bought, and the very little money you will save in labor cost is just not worth the hassle. I am an installation pro, and I outsource to staining pro.

    Ask around for references. Usually a cabinet maker will be able to help you, but don’t expect to get something for nothing. Depending on where you live, he or she charges $45 to $75 per hour. Your best bet is to get some bids from three or more cabinet makers for the finished stained and sealed crown molding.

    Once you find your supplier, he or she will ask for a cabinet door or drawer to match to and likely all the money up front. This is to be expected. Your custom stained crown molding is of little value to anyone except for someone whose cabinets exactly match your own.

    A word of caution: If this is your first time cutting crown, you should practice on inexpensive crown molding first. Poplar or paint grade pine is common and the money you spend on four boards is equal to one board of hardwood crown molding.

    Feel intimidated? Unless you have already learned how to install crown molding, you may feel more confidant tackling the less-expensive-to-buy-paint-grade-crown-molding. Of course you may feel a bit more ambitious after watching the crown molding how to videos found here , or reading the crown molding how to books found here.

    Should you choose Paint Grade Crown Molding…

    If you are starting from scratch in a new house and can paint your crown molding any color you choose, wonderful. But if you are trying to match an existing paint color, it is a little more work.

    The easiest way to match the paint color is this:

  • Gather up a hammer, chisel and razor knife
  • Open your coat closet
  • Carefully cut the caulking at the top of the shortest piece of baseboard
  • Pry the board out and take it the paint store for color matching

    When you order the paint, here is an easy formula that will give you enough for two coats with plenty left over for touch up:(Coming Soon)

    You will want to use pre-painted crown molding to save time and make your install clean and painless. Go here for a painting crown molding how to guide.

    Alright! Now you have the materials ready to go and you need the right tools. To follow the rest of this crown molding how to guide, here is what you will need:

  • nail set or punch
  • finish hammer
  • chisel
  • tape measure
  • sharp pencil or pen
  • brad mailer and nails
  • 25 ft or longer air line
  • compressor
  • miter saw
  • 4 ft piece of 1×4
  • miter saw stand
  • wood glue
  • caulking gun
  • blue painters tape
  • extra pair of hands

    Got it all? Ok let’s move on. I hope this crown molding how to guide helps you get off to a great start. This is going to be so easy, by the time we’re done you’ll know so much you can teach your crown molding how to cut itself!

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