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Crown Molding

Crown Molding comes in a wide variety of wood species, sizes and profiles.

Crown Moulding is used for capping walls, pilasters and cabinets.

Many companies now make crown in materials such as plastic and foam. These usually are offered with corner blocks, and although fast and easy to install, the end product is not nearly as elegant.

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  • Crown moulding is applied where ceiling meets wall. It is not placed flat against the wall nor against the ceiling. When viewed from a cross section, the ceiling, the crown and the wall form a triangle. This adds a level of difficulty to the installation process, and a need for complex cuts to form corners where two walls meet or end.

    There are two common ways cut crown corners. One is to simply miter the ends. The other is called coping, and is a two step process. First you cut a miter and then you use a coping saw or jig saw (or both) to undercut the miter.

    Another way is by using corner blocks. This eliminates the need for miter cuts or coping, because the molding is installed with a straight flat cut.

    To learn more about crown molding installation click here.

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