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Cut Crown Moulding

how to install crown molding

Learn step by step the easy way to cut crown moulding.

OK, so you’ve read Crown Molding How To and are ready to start learning the first steps in the process. (If you haven’t read it, go back and read it.)

Ready? Let’s cut crown moulding!

Nothing about this is very complicated. Some advanced skills are required to do some tricky angles, but you don’t need to know those yet, I cover that stuff elsewhere.

You can do everything here with basic common sense. You will however, need at the very least, the discipline to finish reading the directions.

There are a few steps to the preparation, measuring and cutting process. After that there are a few more steps to the installation, paint or stain prep and final touch up process.

The time it will take to finish, will likely be a couple of days the first time around. But the second time, if your crown moulding is pre-painted, a single typical large living room can be cut, installed, touched up and ready to enjoy in perhaps 5 to 8 hours with two experienced people doing the work.

By the way, there is a lot more additional detail on how to cut crown moulding in my Easy Crown Molding Installation e-book.

So by now, if you have read Crown Moulding How To , you have:

  • a nail set or punch
  • a finish hammer
  • a chisel
  • a tape measure
  • a sharp pencil or pen
  • a pad of paper
  • a brad nailer and nails
  • a 25 ft or longer air line
  • a compressor
  • a miter saw
  • a 4 ft piece of 1×4
  • a miter saw stand
  • wood glue
  • a caulking gun
  • blue painters tape
  • an extra pair of hands
  • two short ladders

    * I should mention that electric nail guns , which are battery powered work really well for this and with one you can eliminate the need for a compressor and air line.

    Step Number 1: First things first. Make some room. You want at least four feet of clear space around the perimeter of the room to allow free movement when you cut crown moulding.

    Put all fragile breakable items away. It is very easy to knock things over with airlines!

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