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Easy to Install Crown Molding

An informational guide to various types of easy to install crown molding. How to install, tools required, where to buy…

There are several types of easy crown moldings that require no special tools or knowledge to install. They are usually a made from styrofoam polystyrene or polyurethane.

These are the easiest of of all to install, and even in a fairly large living room, dining room or family room, you can have a finished crown molding installation in a matter of hours.

These foam moldings are solid and have a smooth exterior texture that, when painted look like wood. They are resistant to aging, heat, cold, and shrinkage.

No power tools, nails, saws, or hammers are needed. No corners to miter. Simply paint it and stick it on the wall!

You should use spackle or Drydex to hide the joints. Latex caulk should be used for edge finish. Only use latex primer and paint, as oil based paints and solvents will damage the crown molding.

Easy to install crown molding can make a dramatic difference in the finished appearance of any room in your house, adding beauty while also covering any minor imperfections. Installing crown molding does not have to be as tricky as it was in the past because of the newer, easy to install crown molding options that are now available on today’s market.

Crown molding is typically made of wood, but there are lots of alternatives to the usually pricey wood crown molding options available, such as expanded polystyrene crown molding and styrofoam crown molding. Both of these easy to install crown molding choices are lightweight and inexpensive, and neither requires any special tool for installation. Either expanded polystyrene crown molding or styrofoam crown molding are great choices for adding a distinctive flair to your room without paying a great deal of money to remodel, and because both are easy to install, you can save yourself the cost of labor by doing-it-yourself. With options such as pre-cut corners, pre-primed materials, and the availability of many colors (or, in the case of polystyrene, you can paint it yourself), these easy to install crown molding options are great for your next weekend project.

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