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Installing French Doors

Add value and class to your home by following these instructions for installing french doors.

French doors are so beautiful and are the perfect choice to add a refined, elegant look to your interior. French doors can dramatically change the feel of your room, and provide an eye catching entryway for a bedroom, master bath, or other room. Installing French doors in your home is a great way to add to the value of your home, and with so many sizes, shapes, and varieties to choose from, finding a set of French doors that you love is easy in today’s home improvement marketplace. Here are some pointers to make installing French doors in your home a bit easier:

1. When buying your French doors, look for a set that includes a do-it-yourself kit for the easiest installation possible. Your kit will contain all of the hardware that is required to properly hang your French doors and step by step instructions for you to follow that will ensure that your French doors work properly.

2. Have all of the tools and materials on hand when you begin installing French doors in your home. You will need a cordless drill, carpenter’s level, drill bits, measuring tape, screws, and your French door kit.

3. Having a helper is crucially imperative when installing French doors, so now’s the time to call in a favor from a friend or put the carpenter’s apron on your spouse.

4. The first step in the installation process will be readying the doorway to accommodate your French doors. You may have to adjust the doorway’s width or height by using two-by-fours, or you may need to make the doorway larger by removing the door’s existing frame and creating one that is large enough to accommodate your new French doors. If you do need to enlarge your doorway, be sure to avoid any electrical or plumbing lines.

5. Use extreme caution when removing your French doors from their packing carton.

6. Once your French doors are unpacked, you can begin placing the hinges and hardware on the doors.

7. Place the French doors against the frame and use your level to be certain that the door fully matches your door frame. You are now ready to hang your doors.

As you can see, installing French doors in your home can be quick and easy if you take the necessary steps to prepare your doorframe beforehand. Most French door installations can be completed in just a day or less if you have the appropriate tools and a good helper.

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