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No Mitre Crown Molding

How to install No Mitre Crown Molding and where to buy it.

Ahh, Crown Molding…

Beautiful. Elegant.

And a pain to install. In fact, arguments over crown molding installation is potentially the second most frequent cause for divorce in the modern world.

OK, so that may be a bit of an exageration. But, crown molding is notoriously difficult to cut and install for many people and for a long time you either had to hire a pro or live with sub-standard crown molding.

Now, with so many new products available for the homeowner just about anyone can install crown molding and add an air of elegance to ones home.

How? By simply eliminating the most frustrating part of crown molding installation…

Take the mitre cuts out of the equation and it’s so simple a child could install crown molding!

No Mitre Crown Molding

A no miter crown molding still needs to be cut, but that can be done with a hand saw. The inside and outside corners are made pre-fabricated, so all of your cuts will be straight.

The majority of miterless crown moldings are made from synthetic materials such as polystyrene or polyurethane. Some are also made from styrofoam or resin.

Polyurethane and polystyrene crown moldings are lightweight, paintable and many look just like real wood once finished. These are the most common types around, and though they work well, I recommend physically seeing them before buying as they are very different from real wood.

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