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Scrapbook Paper Shelves

Looking for Scrapbook Paper Shelves? Build Your Own!

Wire Cube Scrapbook Paper Shelves

scrapbook paper shelves

A cost-effective way to store papers horizontally is to use wire storage cubes. They can be purchased in sets at various department stores such as Target, Walmart or ShopKo.

Instead of using them to create the six large cubes, you can use zip-ties to use the extra side panels to create shelves. Each shelf is just large enough to hold a stack of 12 x 12 paper.

Stackable Scrapbook Paper Trays

Perfect Paper Stackable Paper Trays

You can make an efficient and organized space with these Perfect Paper Stackable Paper Trays.

Each box comes with 10 stacking paper trays perfect for 12×12 paper and cardstock.

Approximately 12.25″x12.25″ and 2″ high.

These paper trays work well for display, protection, and organization for your cardstock and paper collections.

Scrapbook Paper Tower Shelves

Display Dynamics Display Dynamics Paper Tower This paper station tower has hirty 12″x12″ trays.

Each shelf offers various configuration options and individual trays can be used in pegboard or slatwall systems.

This scrapbook paper shelves rack has a pretty sturdy wood construction. Use these scrapbook racks side-by-side or back-to-back to maximize a minimal amount of floor space.

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