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Shot Glass Shelves

Display you collection of shot glasses proudly with shelves you’ve made yourself

One of the world’s age-old pastimes is collecting and we humans collect everything from model cars to license plates. One of the most popular collections is shot glasses. Shot glass collecting can be on a small or large scale; in fact, Brad Rodgers of Las Vegas, Nevada, holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for the largest collection of shot glasses at 8,411. No matter the size of your collection, perhaps you are among those whose shot glass collection needs a more permanent home – shot glass shelves. Shot glass shelves can make your collection into a display for all to see and can be a unique feature in your home.

There are many pre-fabricated shot glass shelving options for you to choose from, most of them starting under $50 with prices going farther up depending on the size and material of the shot glass shelving that you choose. Options are available to suit nearly any décor and taste.

If you are like a lot of do it yourself types you may prefer to build a one of a kind shot glass shelf or shelves, and doing so can save you money and also give you the satisfaction of building something beautiful and necessary for your home. You can build your own shot gun shelves to display your shot glass collection in the most attractive manner easily following these shot glass shelves tips to build shelving to hold your valued shot glasses:

1. As an avid collector, you will no doubt collect more shot glasses over the course of your life. Keep this fact in mind when building your shot glass shelves to allow for expansion of your shelving over the coming years. Design your shot glass shelves according to the size of your current collection, but always use a design that will allow for additions later on.

2. Sketch out the design and measurements of the shot glass shelves you wish to build and purchase your plywood in the amounts needed.

3. Have all of your supplies on hand when you begin constructing your shot glass shelves. You will need solid wood for shelves, ¼ inch plywood, wood glue, pin nailer, measuring tape, needle nose pliers, pencil, table saw, hammer, and sand paper.

4. If you want to have a mirrored look for your shot glass shelves, you can have a mirror pre-cut to your measurements at most hardware and home centers.

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