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Tips for Installing Crown Molding

Start installing crown molding fast with these crown molding installation tips.

Crown molding can add a beautiful finishing touch to any room in the home and is available in many attractive styles and different types of wood, including maple, oak, walnut, cherry, and there is even a non-wood polyurethane crown molding that won’t break your remodeling budget.

Crown molding can be quite simple to install if you are working with the right tools. Here are some tips for installing crown molding that will make the installation process go much more quickly:

One of the best tips for installing crown molding that can be offered is to start out with the right equipment for the job. A crown molding compound miter saw jig can be the most useful tool you’ll ever use when you’re installing your crown molding, and is very affordable when you consider that it will make easy work of corners. You simply set your crown molding in the jig, adjust the angle, and start cutting – it’s that easy!

Aesthetic tips for installing crown molding are very important to keep in mind. A room may look “top heavy” if the crown molding is greater in height than your baseboard’s height.

Larger crown molding will make your room seem smaller than it is – for most rooms with typical eight foot ceilings, you should go with a 5 ¼ inch crown, while seven foot ceilings might look better with crown that is around 4 ½ inches.

Buy a few samples of the types of crown molding that you are interested in and hold them up to the ceiling to get a feel for how your crown molding will look once it’s installed – this will be very helpful to select the type of crown molding that looks best for your room.

When you begin nailing the crown in place, start from the center – leaving the ends loose until you move on to the next piece.

Use a marking gauge to mark out the bottom of the crown as you find the studs. Mark the top around every six feet – this will make installing your crown molding much easier.

Write the lengths behind the crown molding (as well as other indicators, such as any area that is “off”) prior to installation to make things go faster.

Use wood glue in all joints.

Because caulking nail holes will leave visible dimples, a great tip for installing crown molding is use a spackling that is shrink free.

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